Warisan Spa

Inspired by the holistic Balinese spas in Indonesia comes Singapore's newest luxurious wellness spa for families and couples - Warisan Spa.
Call 67867716 to make an appointment. Valid from Tues to Fri (1030hrs to 1700hrs).
138 Tampines Street 11 #01-140 S (521138)

Therapeutic Foot Massage (30mins) – For new customer only

Nothing can invigorate your feet like giving a thorough foot massage. Foot massage provides therapeutic benefits. Enjoy Therapeutic Foot Spa at Warisan Spa today. (Applicable on Tuesday to Friday only , 10.30am – 5pm)

Buddy Price: $18.00 + 52BP
Retail Price: $70.00

Earn up to 70 BP.


Warisan Facial Treatment (60mins) – For new customer only

Tapping on fresh young Carrots, ripe Tuber flour, Soybeans, fresh Egg white and other natural ingredients. Carrot is rich with Beta-carotene and vitamin A, which promotes formation of new cells, giving a healthy and fresh appearance.

Buddy Price: $38.00 + 77BP
Retail Price: $115.00

Earn up to 115 BP.