Gene Oasis

Gene Oasis (GO) centred around Bird's Nest production and its proprietary technologies, capitalising on translating opportunities from the bioscience and biomedical industries through its trademark patents and innovative research methods.
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Dr. LKM™ Activating Essence

The essence is encapsulated with bird’s nest extract and the essence of apple stem cells. It’s a youth elixir to protect and renew your skin cells. Rejuvenate, soothe and moisturize your skin so that you have a youthful, healthy and radiant complexion.

Buddy Price: $40.00 + 48BP
Retail Price: $88.00

Earn up to 88 BP.


Dried Edible Bird’s Nest (35 Grams)

Processed and purified using Gene Oasis’s cutting-edge cleaning technologies, you can soak and cook these dried bird’s nest according to your favorite recipes.

Buddy Price: $141.00 + 46BP
Retail Price: $188.00

Earn up to 188 BP.