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Deer Placenta, Pre-launch Special (6 bottles)

The most advanced deer placenta in the market. CELIXIR is the quintessence of Activated Cell Therapy – through Stem Cell BioExtracts to rejuvenate and regenerate our cells as well as slowing down the aging process in all of us.

Industry leading formulation include

  1. Deer placenta
  2. Curcumin
  3. Fermented Berries
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Moringa
  6. Resveratrol
  7. Pumpkin Seed Oil
  8. Licorice Root
  9. Cistanche

Order the ultimate nutritional supplement as our distributor or customer today.

Buddy Price: $1,388.00 + 500BP
Retail Price: $1,888.00

Earn up to 1888 BP.


Handphone Ring (200 Pieces Only)

Limited Edition Singapore Smart Handphone Ring for all phones

Only 200 pieces

Buddy Price: $2.00 + 8BP
Retail Price: $10.00

Earn up to 10 BP.